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Our Brown family history names the descendants of five brothers, namely: George, William, Benjamin, Wilson and Walker. They were the sons of Benjamin and Hannah Rollinson Brown who lived in Yorkshire, England.


Four of their sons emigrated with their families to the United States. George arrived in 1855 followed by William about 1865, Wilson about 1871 and Walker in 1887. Many of the families settled in the Philadelphia area or in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. One son, Benjamin, remained in England but visited his son, Arthur, and daughter, Hannah, after they established homes in Pennsylvania. In 1883 George moved from Philadelphia to Mount Joy where he eventually founded the George Brown's Sons Cotton and Woolen Mills.


Many thanks to Mary Jane E. Wolfe of Watsontown, PA, Mabel Jane Miller of Mount Joy, PA and Dorothy Gearhart for publishing the paper copy of this 1996 booklet from which this web version was developed.


As of Nov 6, 2014, through the assistance of a distant cousin across-the-pond, I have been able to add records about our Browns who perhaps never came to the US.


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